[CD] Hetalia: The Beautiful World DJCD - Vol.1 & Vol.2

Company: Frontier Works
Tracks: Features the web radio recordings for Hetalia: The Beautiful World and unaired, edited recordings and talks
Contents: CD, Jacket Illustration (Image above), 
Specifications: Pre-orders have opened up at various shops but they do not include the additional sticker bonus which is a Comiket 84 event special. 
Retail Price: 2,625 Yen Each
Release Date:
4th September 2013
Reservation Deadline: 12th August 2013

  • Volume 1: Japan, England, Russia, China, Spain, Prussia
  • Volume 2: North Italy, Germany, America, France

Bootleg Version? No

My eyes are barely open right now so please forgive me for any stupid mistakes/typoes in this and content I’ve left out;; But I just wanted to get this out before I conk out in bed. But event being half asleep am I the only one who noticed the typo in the name? Oh my gosh lol….. though there is a chance it is intentional. Hetalira for Hetaliradio, perhaps?

Event - Comiket 84 (10th August 2013 ~ 12th August 2013):
The Frontier Works booth will be holding pre-sales for the CDs and each CD will have an included bonus of a sticker with the original artwork of the CD cover (aka, minus the title on it as seen in the bottom two images in the photoset). 

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