[Toy Goods] World Ball (Tentative)

Size: 280㎜ -> Inflated: 190~200㎜
Material: Vinyl chloride resin
Retail Price: 840 Yen each
Release Date:
April 2013
Pre-Order Deadline: 16 January 2013

  • Design A: The Netherlands, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Finland, Japan, Austria, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Prussia
  • Design B: Seychelles, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Lithuania, Poland, Taiwan, Liechtenstein, Belarus, Ukraine, Cuba, Canada, France, China, Russia, England and the United States of America

Bootleg Version? No

I’m not quite sure what this is supposed to be exactly? Some kind of beach ball like?

Some characters don’t exactly make it onto the stock image provided, however they were listed on the product details on Animate. However, it’s a tentative design so it may be subject to change! 

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